NioBe Clothing

Branding. Business Consulting. Social Marketing. 

The clothing industry is competitive but even more so in women’s clothing. With NioBe Clothing’s ambition and perseverance, their experience in business has proven successful. Quickly though, Niobe knew their nonexistent presence on social media was stunting their growth and unfortunately lacked the marketing skills. Then SPEAQ came into the picture and educated Niobe of the different marketing tactics, platforms and how to best target their audience. Now Niobe has all the tools to take them to the top.


Services Provided
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Social Marketing Package
Instagram account created for Niobe Clothing by Speaq


SPEAQ helped improve my marketing by creating strategic social media campaigns. They  were able to think outside the box and deliver with high and unique quality. As a result, I have seen a positive impact that SPEAQ generated for my business.

David Min, NioBe Clothing Owner